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The first story of Mentoring

Developmental mentoring is the most modern personalized development formula that builds bridges between two generations of leaders from the same organization or from different organizations. The name was inspired by the original story of the relationship on which Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, establishes it between his son, Telemachus, and Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. In the role of Mentor, Athena helps the two of them directly learn from each other's experiences, developing their moral, physical strength and wisdom.

Mentoring is most often seen as the art of using one's own wisdom to stimulate another person's wisdom. In all the great stories of history, from Mentor to Telemah, to Sir Thomas More or Yoda (from Star Wars), mentors draw inspiration from their inner calm and introspection to help mentees:

✔️ To know their values ​​and to question their beliefs;

✔️ To develop a better understanding of how they think and behave;

✔️ To learn to temper their instincts with compassion for others and for themselves;

✔️ To get in the habit of reflecting and learning from experience;

✔️ To come to a complex understanding of his own identity, aspirations and even his fears, so that he becomes able to make his own choices.