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Noosfera has been the first CIPD Centre in Romania, since 2006 and is offering in premiere the new CIPD Qualifications in 2021, at international level. We provide the new qualifications both 100% online and in blended study mode, for professionals in Romania and abroad.

Acting as a CIPD standards promoter and a Learning & Practice community builder, we have had the courage to speak up in the region for the first time about HR/ People Partner as being a profession. In the last 14 years we have trained hundreds of HR and L&D professionals and we have curated tens of professional networking events, conferences, workshops, webinars and courses.

Starting with 2021 we aim to create a new identity for the Human Resources function. The new name proposed by the CIPD for the profession is the People Profession, considering the business environment forecasts up to 2030 and some key principles: [1] understanding business as an ecosystem, [2] using technology, [3] workforce diversity, [4] globalisation, [5] inclusion, [6] the quality of education. In this way we prepare People Partners (Learning & Development and Human Resources practitioners) to face the challenges of the new decade:

A. Internal changes: new organizational models, structures and processes (including ones generated by the COVID-19 context);

B. Technological and digital transformation;

C. Changing demographics and D&I strategies;

D. Diversity of employment relationships;

E. Sustainability, purpose and responsible business.

The People Profession aims to surpass familiar areas, like procedures and policy implementation toward innovation, knowledge and value creation.

The new CIPD international qualifications that we provide beginning with 2021 have a brand-new curriculum, perfectly adapted to the new working conditions.


✔️ For young specialists: gain practical knowledge and a wide understanding of the business environment and HR processes, an end-to-end HR processes view, access valuable learning resources, practical instruments and frameworks and work with real-life scenarios in both HR and Learning & Development fields.

✔️ For experienced professionals: structure and expand your specialist knowledge, gain a deeper understanding of the professional behaviors that lead to organizational success, explore the newest areas in the People Profession and connect with the future of the profession.

✔️ For both: gain professional recognition, access extensive study resources, take the opportunity to build your network, be part of international community of over 150.000 professionals and increase your visibility on the international workforce stage.


We are dedicated to your success. We have extensive experience in delivering CIPD qualifications and training and development programmes for people professionals. We understand the challenges of continuous learning and we provide personalised support throughout your learning journey.

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Certificate in People Practice

This is the firmest foundation for your career in the people profession, incorporating both HR and L&D. Develop your skills by facing real-life challenges. Learn to act with confidence, perform effectively, drive change in your organization and progress in your career.


Diploma in People Management

This international qualification is tailored for senior people professionals in leadership roles who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the professional behaviours and practices that lead to organisational success. Learn how to manage employment relations, foster talent, guide strategic workforce planning and build reward schemes that drive performance and contribute to business success.


Diploma in Organisational Learning & Development

This international qualification is tailored for senior people professionals in Learning & Development or Organizational Development roles who wish to expand their knowledge of L&D and focus on leadership and management development, coaching and mentoring, building organizational capability and delivering personalized and performance-focused learning.


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