Mentor and Mentee training (2-3 days, F2F or blended)

Noosfera is the representative for Clutterbuck CMI in the Balkans.

Key points:  

  • fundamentals of the mentoring relationship and mentor/ mentee roles,
  • practice of core skills (advanced questioning and listening, giving feedback, guiding/advising, rapport building, creating a sense of relationship purpose and the effective use of anecdote, metaphor, and analogy);
  • review sessions to maintain relationship momentum and to equip participants with additional skills and techniques
  • specialist input for particular programme purposes (e.g. diversity mentoring, executive mentoring, first time managers).


  • An extensive e-book How to make the most of developmental mentoring
  • Additional handouts and developmental tools
  • A full The GCIndex profile report. (We recommend making The GCIndex mentees/mentors group/team profile.

**Course Benefits:

  • Equips you with the templates you need to design and implement each stage of a mentoring relationship;
  • Gives you confidence in your ability to make your mentoring relationship work;
  • Enables you to sell the mentoring programme to potential participants, and to key stakeholders, including the leadership team
  • Introduces you to a global community of mentoring expertise;
  • Saves costs by ensuring you avoid the most common mistakes in setting up and running mentoring programmes;
  • Enables you to learn from the practical experience of hundreds of mentoring programmes around the world;
  • Provides the tools you need to monitor progress, evaluate outcomes and accredit your mentoring programme against international standards
  • Committed to the standards and the ISMCP framework. Powered by The GCIndex®;
  • Completion of mentor course may be credited towards Foundation Mentor recommendation to become an EMCC member.
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