Team Coaching by David Clutterbuck  

03-04-05 April - EMCC Foundation Level, Cismigiu Hotel Bucharest, Romania

10-11-12 October 2023 - EMCC Practitioner Level  Cismigiu Hotel Bucharest, Romania

Noosfera is the representative for Clutterbuck CMI in the Balkans.

 TEAM COACHING = a learning intervention designed to increase collective capability and performance of a team or a group, through application of the coaching principles of assisted reflection, analysis and motivation for change. (D. Clutterbuck)

    This special programme by David Clutterbuck is a 2 - in - 1 that integrates Foundation Level (03-04-5 April) and Practitioner Level (10-11-12 October).

    Who is the programme for?

    • Business Leaders, Line Managers, Team leaders who want to know more about how to coach teams effectively.
    • HR Leaders and Professionals who want to help deliver a programme to support team coaching through their business.
    • Professional Coaches who are looking to expand their skill set outside of 1-2-1 coaching to include or transition to team coaching.

    Any of the following qualifies you for the programme:

    • Completion of Team Coaching Foundation level or equivalent.
    • Practising 1-2-1 coach, mentor or leader with at least 18 months experience working with / developing / leading a team.
    • This is a practitioner level course for people with experience of one-to-one coaching and teams already and not for absolute beginners.

    EMCC Foundation Level

    Location: Cismigiu Hotel, Bucharest (more info: click here)

    When: 03 - 04 - 05 April 2023, 08.30 - 16.00


      03 Apr 2023  Understanding teams and team systems
      • Discussion of theory and principles of team learning, team evolution, function and dysfunction.
      • Special emphasis is given to the team as a complex, adaptive system within other complex adaptive systems.
      • The content draws substantially on Coaching the team at work 2 and on evidence-based publications relating to
      • team structure and function.
        04 Apr 2023  The role of the leader in creating culture with a team
        • Discussion of theory and practice.
        • The content draws substantially on Building and Sustaining a Coaching
        • Culture and on The Talent Wave, as well as texts on teams and teaming.
        • Exploration of the functions of leadership and how these may be distributed within a team (real cases of teams).
        • Creation of team development plans for real teams.
          05 Apr 2023  The role of the coach in supporting leaders in creating a coaching culture:
          • A largely practical day, in which we explore the system of the leader and the team and how coaches can help leaders have the conversations they need with their teams.
          • A role play with a fictitious team is used to illustrate these approaches – first in the coaching session with the leader, then the leader’s conversation with their team, then a further coaching session to enhance the leader’s learning from the experience.
          • The final wrap up of learning focuses on the next steps participants want to make in their journey as a leader or coach

            EMCC Practitioner Level

            Location: Cismigiu Hotel, Bucharest (more info: click here)

            When: 10 - 11 - 12 October 2023


              10 Oct 2023  Reviewing the basics:
              • What is a team?
              • Competencies of a team coach
              • Core roles of team coaches
              • Team efficacy
              • Agreeing with the team leader how to manage the team coaching session
              • What do we mean by a high performing team?
              • The team as a system or part of multiple systems
              • The PERILL model of team coaching
              11 Oct 2023  Techniques and approaches:
              • The team coaching framework
              • The preparation stage
              • The scoping and contracting stage
              • Process skills: learning how to use coaching
              • Team coaching conversations
              • Process review
              • Process transfer
              • Outcomes
              • Team functions and dysfunctions
              • Principles of group dynamics
              • Team identity
              • Establishing and working with team purpose
              • Clarifying and building alignment with team goals
              • Team communication
              • Helping the team induct new members
              • Helping the team cope with setbacks
              • Raising the quality of team decision-making
              • Aligning individual and collective development within a Team Learning Plan
              • Managing disengagement of the coaching relationship
              • Team coaching ethical scenarios
              12 Oct 2023  Developing a team coaching practice:
              • The business case for team coaching
              • Working with new teams
              • Ethical and quality issues in team coaching
              • Developing your team coach brand and offering
              • Your personal development plan as a team coach
              • The team coach’s guide to being supervised.

              Time commitment

              Completed over 9-12 months, approx. 152 hours in total (36 hours: workshop, 40 hours: reading, 60 hours: reflection, skills practice with your teams and the 16 hours: assignment).

              This is an immersive & experiential program requiring a full and active engagement.

              Assessment & Assignments
              • End of program assignment is an online form with a series of reflective questions – 2,500 words in total.
              • You’ll need experience of working with two teams or more and around 4 sessions with each team in order to complete the assignment (we will provide some guidance to help find teams).
              Accreditation process

              Candidates who successfully complete the program and assignment will receive a certificate of accreditation from CCMI which you can use to claim 152 hours of CPD.

              Double EMCC Awards:
              • Upon graduation, Noosfera & CCMI will automatically recommend you to the EMCC for the Team Coaching Practitioner ITCA (Individual Team Coach award)
              • As an EQA Training Provider, we will also recommend you for a European Individual Accreditation EIA (an individual  Coach / Mentor level award at Practitioner level).
              • One year EMCC Romania membership fee included (€150).
              ICF Awards:

              Whilst the ICF has published its Team Coaching Competencies and conducted a pilot programme (early 2022) it has not yet accredited any training programs. Until this has been established, all graduates will receive a certificate with 36.5 Core Competency (CC) and 3.5 Resource Development (RD) units to support your ICF submission.