Becoming a champion for coaching and mentoring!

Noosfera is the representative for Clutterbuck CMI in the Balkans.

**Recommended for: business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, line managers, people practitioners

  • Coaching or mentoring? What they have in common, why we need both.
  • How to make the business case for coaching and mentoring.
  • When to use coaching and mentoring.
  • How coaching & mentoring support line managers. · Guidelines for selecting executive coaches / matching them with clients. Powered by The GCIndex®
  • HR’s role in supporting the move towards a coaching and mentoring culture.

Resources: A portfolio of support materials on all of these topics, to be included on the organization’s intranet

**Course Benefits:

  • Enables you to learn from the practical experience of hundreds of mentoring programmes around the world
  • Equips you with the templates you need to design and implement each stage of a mentoring programme
  • Enables you to sell the mentoring programme to potential participants, and to key stakeholders, including the leadership team
  • Introduces you to a global community of mentoring expertise
  • Saves costs by ensuring you avoid the most common mistakes in setting up and running mentoring programmes
  • Gives you confidence in your ability to make your programme work
  • Provides the tools you need to monitor progress, evaluate outcomes and accredit your mentoring programme against international standards
  • Committed to the standards and the ISMCP framework. Powered by The GCIndex®.

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