Business Summit for HR IV is a landmark event for both people professionals and business leaders. By focusing on the most innovative strategies in management, technology and learning, the festival will help you, and your colleagues, to harness the latest transformations and drive a human future of work. With 900+ attendees, across the years,  filled with inspirational speakers, live experiences and challenging ideas, it’s the ultimate celebration of people in the workplace.

Why would you join?

1. The GCIndex profile of the HR community

2. We offer content! (best-practice projects, practical, leading edge)

3.  Build a bridge with business leaders 


09:00- 9:30 Opening:
Bogdan Grigore,                       
Roxana Mocanu: History of the Future in 3 Pictures
09:30-11:00 CIPD Speeches
                        Carmen Agapi, Genpact - People can learn a lot from Machines!
                        Mihai Zant, Coach - Would you let a chatbot to coach you?
                        Olimpia Mesa, Instructional Design - How People Learn
                        Adriana Aionitoae, Endava - Scalable Leadership
                        Cristina Tirulnic, Evolutiv - SimTalent – a connecting bridge between HR and Managers
                         Felix Bailer, Adrian Dinca, Vertiv - Team standards... the path to true collaboration
                        Roxana Marin, TRANScendent/MozaiQ - Unicorns@Work
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 
11:30-13:00 International Panel
13:00-14:00 Networking Lunch
14:00-14:30 CIPD Ceremony
14:30-15:30 Master Class: A Festival of Roles: Focusing on individual and collective impact. An interactive Master Class on how everyone can make their best impact to a role, team and organization. [Nathan Ott-The GCIndex, Roxana Mocanu-Noosfera]




Roxana Mocanu -  EMCC Global Individual Programme Manager, is the most titrated Romanian in the field of Developmental Mentoring. She is the Founder-Director of Noosfera, the first HR Vocational School in Balkans. Passioned to connect education and talent market, curious to discover and create the future of work, Roxana will host the third edition of Business Summit for HR and the first Festival of Work in Romania.


Carmen Agapi is HR Technology and Data Leader Europe and Americas and HR Back Office Operations Europe. She is an experienced Leader in BPM working in various areas like HR Digital Transformation, Process Transformation, Learning and Development, Talent Management; Leading teams in LnD, large teams in Operations, Leading Delivery in Europe for Consulting projects, Leading the team of Transitions Managers in Europe and leading large transformation projects Globally in the same area, and managing large PnLs associated with all of the areas in which I delivered.


Mihai Zânt is an Business Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneuriship Catalyst and Educational Contributor. Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities he concentrated his work in building learning organisations and values based communication. He is now creating custom corporate learning journeys using experiences and practice systems. He is focusing on career coaching, business coaching and mentoring several entrepreneurial projects concentrated on sustainable and systemic impact.

He is a board member in AVE, an NGO who aims to bring the Romanian Educational System among top 10 in EU by 2035.  He believes in stakeholder value, long life learning, return on character and social impact entrepreneurship.



Olimpia Mesa is an author, leading expert and consultant on brain-based learning design, the president of Instructional Design Ltd., a company behind hundreds of successful corporate and educational programs both online and in-person, delivered in a variety of different languages. In addition to consulting with Fortune 500 organisations on learning projects, Olimpia is the founder of Book to CoursesTM Online School, the main goal of which is to teach authors how to transform a nonfiction book into online academies, live courses or apps.



Adriana Aionitoae is Global Head of People Operations Business Partnering at Endava.

Proud Endavan. Passionate about organisational transformation, organisational evolution & health, building brands, building an everyone culture by deliberately developing people while growing business value.

Specialties: IT Recruitment& Consultancy, Organisational Culture,Setting up & developing new offices, Business development, Team leadership, Integration, People & Career Development, Apprenticeship, People Engagement, AgileHR, Strategic Analysis, Performance and Reward.


Cristina Tirulnic is a Senior Trainer in EVOLUTIV CONSULTANTS NETWORK and joined the company for over 8 years already. During all these years, Cristina has been involved in co-designing learning interventions and delivering training sessions both in ample OD programs and in stand-alone learning events in various industries and several locations in Romania.

Cristina is very proud to be among the first alumni of the CIPD program in Romania and one of the 5 international Investors in People specialists in Romania. 

A couple of years ago, Cristina became a certified trainer in delivering business simulations, such as SimTalent and SimRemote (Simdustry, Germany) and warmly recommends this learning instrument as a fully engaging experience, one of a kind.


Nathan OttCo Founder and Chief Polisher With over 20 years of working with business leaders to get the best from their talent, Nathan has always thought there was something missing. Subsequently, through years of conversations with business leaders he realised he was not alone. This notion that ‘something was missing’ is the key stimulus for the original The GC Index research.

Nathan is the vision and driving force behind The GC Index. He has a fundamental belief that everyone can make an impact in their world and has created a global community of GC Partners and GCologists that is committed to fostering the impact and contribution from everyone around the globe, whether they are a global Fortune CEO or a child in a developing country.

As a Polisher/Game Changer Nathan wants to be valued for his relentless belief that anything is possible, and things can always be better. He is constantly pushing The GC Index team, GC Partners and Clients to enable frictionless and empowering interactions between HR and Business leaders so that everyone is valued to deliver positive business outcomes.

He is the co-author of two studies: The DNA Of A Game Changer and The DNA Of A Game-Changing Team and published Coaching Me, Coaching You (a-ha) with Dr GC as requested by the global GCologist community.

Outside of work Nathan has a love for Hot Yoga, Liverpool Football Club, WhatsApp and tasting the red wine from every country he visits. He has a wonderful (and very understanding!) wife and three magical children who fuel his daily energy.


Adrian Dinca is the HR Director, Manufacturing and GBS @ Vertiv. Over 12 years Adrian Dinca has worked in the services industry leading continuous improvement and transformation multiple customers. He transitioned to HR 5 years ago, in which roles he was responsible for multiple EMEA countries and 3000+ people. He currently works as HR Director, responsible for 2000 people in factories across EMEA and ~400 in the Global Business services.

He spent time in Romania (supporting EMEA customers), but also in Mexico and US (working for LATAM clients) and in India where he mostly supported US based customers which  helped him build a broad experience across multiple cultures, but also to identify common issues.


Felix Bailer is the VP Global Business Services @ Vertiv. Born and raised in Brazil, Felix started his career in marketing, sales and then moved to sourcing & procurement.  He moved to Romania 10 years ago, where his career evolved primarily around the services industry. He supported the delivery of day to day operations to BPO clients, their transformation, and change management.

Currently Felix leads the shared services organization (GBS) for Vertiv and is responsible for over 1,000 professionals across different sites and continents supporting the transformation towards a best-in-class organization.

He has a bachelors degree from the University of Texas also has an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of North Texas and is Six Sigma certified.