Learning Hackers CIPD Gala 2021

Roxana MocanuBlog

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The 21st of October marked a significant online gathering of Noosfera’s Learning Hackers, the CIPD autumn graduation ceremony. An event that takes place annually to celebrate and lionize the learning journey of the alumni of CIPD accredited qualifications. It is remarkably worth mentioning that Noosfera is the first CIPD center in Romania that offers, at an international level, the new CIPD qualifications premiered in 2021.

At 16:30, graduates connecting from different parts of Romania have been warmly welcomed by our Chief Game-Changer, Roxana Mocanu. A kind of warm online reception that, luckily enough, was carried out regardless of the current unpleasant pandemic situation.

After reflecting on his previous learning journey at our center, our special guest, a former student and CIPD Associate, Florin Lazarica, has generously shared with the curious audience some of his priceless experience-based advice on how to lead learning and development programs to support leadership development, new skills for managers and career progression, and meeting the business challenges.

During a cheerful round of applause, our community strategist, Teodora Blanariu, called out every single name of our graduates; yes, positive vibes were able to be seen as smiles and heard as murmurs of joy. At the end of the event, the floor was given to the graduates to share their insights.

‘You are one of the select few people in the world that are now certified in this domain’ were the words of praise to one of our graduates, from her manager. Many of the students highly appreciated that they were able to practically apply what they have learned from their ‘extremely knowledgeable tutor: Roxana’ as described by another one of our graduates.

Obtaining a CIPD qualification is also about the extremely valuable interaction between both the students from several backgrounds as well as their tutors. Our unique programs require dedication, and a mentality of continuous growth: ‘when you feel things are getting difficult, you still can go a little bit further,’ as pointed out by Smaranda, a graduate. Graduates were encouraged to forward their accumulated knowledge to their colleagues in business.

Our graduates are our ambassadors, and we cannot wait to see them rock the next level of the CIPD qualifications.

The registrations for the new CIPD Certificate in People Practice and CIPD Diploma in People Management are ongoing, and we encourage you to have a conversation, to learn more about becoming a certified people professional.