Business Summit for HR. Festival of work. Insights and conclusions

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After this year’s Business Summit for HR we were left with two main thoughts:

  • There is a wonderful HR and Business leaders community in Romania that works together to enhance workplaces and we are honored to be able to gather you every year to share ideas and best practices;
  • Technology is pervasive and has taken an important role in our every-day and working life; however, technology is an instrument and not a means in itself. The human element is quintessential for organisations to achieve their goals and purposes;

The Festival Setlist:

Our guest speakers came from diverse backgrounds and organisations and covered a rich range of topics, from learning and technology, learning design, developing business skills with the help of business simulations, leadership, coaching, team effectiveness and diversity & inclusion at the workplace. 

We thank them for their contribution and the opportunity to be inspired, in their order of appearance:

  • Bogdan Grigore ( energised us with a fun impro-networking exercise;
  • Roxana Mocanu (Noosfera) shared with generosity her vision: career, happiness and ability to inspire are connected and should be combined to create better communities and organisations of the future. Also, we learned about concepts like “karoshi”, “kuntoo” and “JOMO”. 
  • From Carmen Agapi (Genpact), we learned that simplicity is key in dealing with technology and that we should not be afraid of its presence, but rather learn to make it work in our advantage.
  • The most thought provoking question of the day came from Mihai Zant (Coach): Would you let a chat-bot coach you? The answer in the room seemed to be Yes, at the least in the beginning. But after Mihai explained the difference between coaching (using algorithms to teach chat-bots basic questions and answers in a coaching conversation) and Coaching (using the width of one’s knowledge and experience to engage in a personalised and unique coaching conversation), the final answer might have changed. 
  • Olimpia Mesa (Instructional Design) shared from her insights on how people learn: focus on the inner processes of the learner, put yourself in the learners shoes. 
  • Adriana Aionitoae shared with generosity from Endava’s story of growth and how to implement a scalable leadership model in a dynamic organisational environment.
  • Cristina Tirulnic (Evolutiv Consultants Network) talked with enthusiasm about the benefits of business simulations and the valuable impact they bring by developing critical skills needed to perform in organisations.
  • Adrian Dinca & Felix Bailer (Vertiv) introduced an innovative platform for team development and setting team standards: Mentor Stick.
  • The presentations session ended on a colorful and high note, with Roxana Marin (TRANScendent & MozaiQ) and her talk on the ways to support organisations to better deal with diversity. 

The Panel Discussion

By becoming more digital, can HR become more human?

Conference highlight: The CIPD Graduates Ceremony

CIPD Graduates 2019

A highlight of the Business Summit for HR was celebrating this year’s CIPD students that completed their study with Noosfera in a special ceremony officiated by Nathan Ott (The GC Index®). It was a real joy to witness the Transformers cohort – professionals who proved their mastery in the art of learning and business conversations with an impact, dedicated to investing in their professional future.

Master Class: Nathan Ott (The GC Index®) & Roxana Mocanu (Noosfera)

The final session was dedicated to exploring The GC Index®. 

The GC Index®, a digital Organimetric, measures and describes five proclivities i.e. five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution. It provides a language and framework for people that is simple, effective and outcome driven.

It is scalable, reliable and adaptable, but most of all it creates a level playing field where everyone can contribute and make a positive impact.

Nathan provided us with a group profile of the BS4HR community, which revealed a group of imaginative, strategy oriented and people attentive professionals. 

Thank you all for attending and we hope that we can keep in touch! Follow our website ( to be up to date with our next community learning events. 

Thank your for your contribution and energy! #BS4HR 3 October 2019

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