Business Summit for HR. Festival of Work: CONVERSATIONS WITH THE SPEAKERS. PART I

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In the wake of Business Summit for HR (3rd October 2019) we invited our guest speakers to share their thoughts on the world of work, their role as community influencers and their vision for learning and technology. It resulted in a rich conversation with valuable insights, that you can read all about below.

1. How do you see your role as HR/business community influencer?

Mihai Zant, Business Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneurship Catalyst and Educational Contributor: I see my role as a Coach and Facilitator who promotes more freedom in the workplace. I believe we need employees with entrepreneurial mindset who assume more autonomy, responsibility, flexibility, engagement and innovation. All for sustainable business missions which bring a harmonious impact for the society at large and keep an open eye on all stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, institutions, environment, education, social participants, etc )

Cristina Tirulnic, Senior Trainer: I believe my contribution as a trainer/facilitator of management and HR development programs should and is currently directed towards making participants more aware of their role in the broader society, not only in their organizations – as parents and citizens to have a society where we’d want to live in and be proud of.


Carmen Agapi, HR Technology and Data Leader Europe and Americas: I see myself as a storyteller of experiences in this community, as we need people talking about where they are as a journey, their experience and their learnings so we help the community to advance faster and not to repeat the same mistakes, while taking a new path. We also need to be catalyzers of faster growth and help people in their specific journey by sharing.

Felix Bailer, VP Global Business Services: One thing that has become clear to me is that HR is “the” critical support function within organizations… especially in the services industry. Having a strong partnership with the business defines how successful it will be. It sets the tone for the organizational culture and the individual behaviors within.

With that said, I strongly believe that being active and working towards a strong collaboration with the HR community will exponentially grow our ability to make a difference for our teams, our organization, and for us as individuals.


Adrian Dinca, HR Director: The HR Community is growing in Romania and its expertise and professionalism increasing every year. I think it’s time to follow UK’s example of building a highly collaborative HR community.

And I hope I can help in this journey through experience sharing, helping & learning from others, during the workshops, conferences & personal interactions that I have.

To find more about our speakers, the projects they will talk about and the conference agenda, visit our website or contact us.

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