Noosfera Coffee Talk – Coaching me. Coaching you – 2 aprilie

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În data de 2 aprilie ne-am întâlnit cu specialiștii din zona de HR și L&D pentru a discuta necesitatea instrumentelor în zona de Coaching și Mentoring. În cadrul acestei întâlniri, Noosfera Coffee Talk – Coaching me. Coaching you am discutat despre instrumentul The GC Index® și aplicabilitatea lui în cadrul organizațiilor, pornind de la nivel de individ, echipă sau organizație … Read More

Masterclass ,,We are all designers’’ by Elvira Kalmár

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On 6th February, the masterclass ,,We are all designers’’ dedicated to HR and L&D practitioners was held by Elvira Kalmar, Head of People and Organization Development at Telekom Hungary at Hotel Siqua. Noosfera has granted The Game-Changer Trophy to Elvira Kalmár’s as recognition for her contribution to the development of the Organisational Design Community and for outstanding impact in transforming … Read More

How will the new Profession Map help you make an impact in the next decade?

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Pentru a te numi profesie ai nevoie de câteva elemente distinctive: să identificăm un public care are un comportament profesional asemănător să înregistrăm o entitate care își asumă oficial definirea, dezvoltarea și promovarea comunității profesionale respective să aderăm la un cod profesional, un cod etic sau un cod de comportament să susținem parcursul profesional printr-o filieră de învățare. Știu aceste … Read More

WANTED! Learning Specialist @ Noosfera

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  Noosfera • 1st CIPD APPROVED CENTRE • ROMANIA • 1st December 2018 Role:  Offers JIT assistance to our CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel&Development Students Responsibilities *): Offers ongoing learners support; Keeps info updated on the dedicated platforms / applications and databases; Supports CIPD tutors in their roles (evaluation, teaching, evaluation); Insures full logistics and communication for the CIPD Learning … Read More

Business Summit for HR. Future of Skills. Employment 2030

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For a while now, buzz words like automation, artificial intelligence or bots have invaded our news feeds. There is a sense of uncertainty that pervades conversations about the future labour market and that comes with many questions. What will happen with my job? Will a robot replace me? What I am supposed to know, to learn, to remain relevant in … Read More