Guest Speaker: Dr. Wilson Wong, CIPD Head of Insight and Futures

Dr Wilson Wong is Head of Insight and Futures at the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Chair of the Human Capital Standards Committee at the British Standards Institution (BSI).

At CIPD, Wilson heads the futures and foresight function using data driven insights for strategy development. Responsible for international knowledge partnerships and knowledge brand. Remains research active in Futures and Organisational Development. Expert in human governance, HRM/ HCM standards and Human Capital metrics.

In his words, he is a strategist applying futures and research methodologies to support strategic thinking for organisational resilience. International experience include work with UNDP, UNEP, Commonwealth Secretariat; ISO, and multilateral negotiations at APEC level.

He has a legal background, financial qualifications, a PhD in Economic Psychology (Behavioural Economics) and a Masters in Critical Theory. His work experience spans IT policy development, financial services, academia and corporate advisory work with a strong focus on data, data analytics and insights. His current focus is on organisational strategy, with a particular interest in human capital strategy/development.


Topic: Human Capital Reporting Standards

Benefits of attendance:

  • Meet Dr. Wilson Wong, an international expert in people data analysis and research
  • Get practical insights on how to collect people data, analyse and apply them to support strategy development and strategic workforce planning
  • Learn about a brand new standard of human capital reporting, that can help HR grow its impact in business
  • Connect with the Romanian CIPD and HR Hub Communities

In the CIPD’s new profession map, digital working and people analytics are now core, signalling the kind of readiness the CIPD expects in HR professionals.

As organizations develop their capability to collect people data, analyse and apply them to support strategy development and strategic workforce planning, the importance of standards and standardization grows. Organizations want to know that their data is of a certain quality, that they are measuring areas that are critical to the business and that they can use this to compare with business units anywhere in the world, including their competitors.

This interactive Master Class session introduces you to the world of international HR Management and Human Capital standards, in particular a new standard on human capital reporting, a standard that is likely to have far reaching impact on the future of HR.

Agenda. 31 October 2019. 18:30 - 21:00

18:00 - 18:30 Registration & Networking
18:30 - 18:45 Opening
18:45 - 20:45 Wilson Wong, Head of Insights & Futures (CIPD)

Venue. Fitbit Bucharest (Bd. Aviatorilor 8A)

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