Masterclass: We are all designers!

06 February 2019

Organisation design refers to a particular form of human problem solving in which the problem is one of getting multiple individuals with diverse knowledge and interests to collectively achieve something that they could not by acting individually.

HR practitioners are well placed to identify, plan for, and develop organisational capability that will enable organisations to meet ongoing competitive challenges and changes. The skills lie in creating a framework for continuous capability improvement when almost impossible to predict or foresee what lies ahead.

Because bounded rationality affects not only the members but also the designers of organisations, solutions may be imperfect and unsuccessful, and many may have arisen almost unintentionally. Clearly there are better and worse solutions, and given the predominantly organisational nature of our economy, many good solutions exist in the form of the organisations that surround us.



I am an organisation philosopher and a development practitioner: collected my experience as an internal and external organisation design consultant as well as an organisation and community development practitioner. I have more than 15 years experience in developing non-profit organisations, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies and professional communities. 

Currently as Head of People and Organisation Development unit at Magyar Telekom – the major ICT and telecommunications provider in Hungary- responsible for Culture, Leadership and Organisation Development and Change, People Development, Talent Development and the Performance Motivation System of Magyar Telekom. 

I enjoy developing and re-inventing programmes for successful organisations to meet their specific needs by supporting them to reach their next envisioned step by aligning their structure, processes and human systems. My work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused.

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06 FEBRUARY 2019

09:00 - 10.00 Starting the day- who is in the room and what topics, questions you would love to find answeres

10:00 - 11.00 Re-organisation/ transformation/re-design- what are the differences and what are the Eastern European patterns

11:00 - 12.00 The evolution of HR’s role in the process in Telekom (case presentation)- Identifying the different roles you can play in your organisation regarding re-design. What is the room to improve that?

12:00 - 13.00 Lunchbreak and networking

13:00 - 14.30 Preparation of a real re-design process- why and how to work with externals? – learnings from hiring externals

14:30 - 16.00 Hands-on tool if you can get your hands on the re-design – the magic of rapid prototyping

16:00 - 17:00 Anything we have not answered and summary of the day